Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Taste of Success

Some of our students have a problem with motivation. Even though they know how important school is, they don't have the drive to succeed. Getting them over this hill has been one of the most significant challenges I've faced.

I've found a solution that seems to work better than anything else I've tried. If I give them a small and very attainable goal, this will give them a chance to succeed - even in the tiniest of ways.

Once they know they can succeed, motivation increases a hundredfold. That taste of success builds their confidence and self-esteem and helps them to believe in themselves. From here, I am able to help them form bigger goals at which to aim. With their newfound confidence, they are much more eager to pursue bigger and better goals as success builds upon success.

There are still moments when they forget the taste of success, and we have to start over again. But once they taste it again, I can see them lift their eyes to the stars, and I smile.

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